Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I deicided to switch to On sugar. ^^ I don't like blogger anymore, I am going to ditch you. Importing all things there as well.

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Holiday finally, got back my results for the term.
I failed three, Maths, History and Lit. I serioiusly need to stop slacking and study. ):
I don't have new pictures to upload but, I got tons of pictures for Monday, teacher's day celebration at kennedy's house. ^^
Going out to have fun and drink later, so yup. Hopefully there will be pictures to update. ^^

Updated :
Elaine didn't post the photos on Facebook, So I only got few of them. ): ):

I like this one ^^ Baby was trying not letting Hao Ren kiss me. Hahahaha

Theres weird people comment on my blog about my cup size. -.-
I mean, does it really matter? My one big or small also I born like that right? What can I do with it? plastic surgery isit? No brainers. And seriously I think Push Up bra-s doesn't help much. Like that everybody can have big breast alr la, suffer under knifes for fuck. Big / small, I don't care what do you people think. But just fucking stop dicussing about it on my tag board.

Tags replied :
Mystery : Like I will.
Nat : there is always losers like them. (:
Guest : You call your mother wear push up see big anot. ( brainless one la this one, like anyone wear push up can have Fbig breast. )
pb : Lol, Yea I am only 15. So its not that big.
Maria : thats why. -.-
Passerby Two! : ok. ^^
Guest abc : if you think yes, then yes. No, then not lo.
Passerby two : lol. ^^
Guest : Yea true.
Guest : I am C, ask my mother why.
Passerby Two : I am C.... But yea, B the B lo. (:
guest : i dont know, but keeping your skin nice, moisturizer is a must. (:
Abbie : suresure. ^^
Maen : (L)
Guest : Yes......
byebye : She is attached, she is from my class. (:
Passerby two! : If you think its not, then not lo. (:
Shumin : ^^
Guest : Thanks for the compliment! (:
Jm :(L)
Passerby Two! : haha, see me in school? where?
Elaine : Sorry sorry, hahaha. I replied alr!!!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Went to Sentosa yesterday, Enjoyed myself. ^^
Went to baby's house, out around 4 30. with Hao Ren, Jia Xin and Wen Bing.
Aftermath, went to baby's house again because it was early. Chilled, took last train home. ^^
Pictures below.

I am feeling awesome, Satisfied with my life without Fame, popularity, alot of friends.
I got an awesome boyfriend, everything still going so well after 5month.
I got an awesome family, giving me freedom and care at the same time.
I got a group of awesome friend, just few of them will be enough for me.
I don't need a bunch of friend but none of them is true one.

So now, I will just need to concentrate on my studies. ^^

Tags replied :
Mc Hong : Yesyes ! (:
Geog : I din't reply to all if you could just bother to check before tagging. -.-
passerby : thanks for the compliment. ^^
hi : thanks for following even though I seldom update, ^^
Nat : ^^
Ahbee : Haha, Am I emo? I don't know. but sometimes things just go wrong, thanks anyway !
Amanda : Suresure !
Paserby two! : what do you think?.
Passer : Thanks for your compliment. !
Guest : Wash face, Use toner, then mosturizer twice a day. ^^
May : heh.
maen : ^^
Nat : ^^

Friday, August 28, 2009

I hope readers really never decrease, ^^
Post pictures tomorrow because I am going to sentosa. ^^

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I got no pictures at all, And noticed readers is decreasing, ):

baby came back yesterday, so went to meet him at redhill mrt, trained to Jurong point.
Luv bought a bear for me. ^^

Went back to his house, slacked awhile.
Then Wen Bing, Jia Xin, An Thai came, trained to Geylang around 7 plus? ^^
Went there to eat china BBQ, the mutton taste really nice. We drank alot too, ended up all of us were high and Wen Bing was really, really drunk, Haha

Bus-ed to clark quey, slacked.
I felt much better already but baby was really drunk. ^^
Reached home around 11 30.

Will try to post some pictures soon.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

That was saturday's picture, didn't upload dued my tagboard's problem, No life people.

Anyway, Baby has decided to be back on Saturday.... How great....
didn't attend school today, It have been so long since I absent from that school.
So yeah, having a boyfriend in school is really not a bad thing for me you see.

I complain nothing, hope you enjoying.
Swallowing everything, feel like nothing '
Lies? Perhap I should just remain silent.
So that nothing could be broken '

Tags replied :
Nat : thanks ^^
Passerby Two : Thanks for helping, ^^
Passerby : thanks for the compliment.
Cheap : fuck you, I think I already know who you are.
Abby :haha nevermind la, we sure will go out one. ^^ Top up alr text me. ^^
PasserbyTwo! : haha, No la I don't know alot people. (:
Maen : luv you (:
Guest : geylang one's are bigger.
Nat : thanks (:
Cynthai : see you soon! ^^ '
Mc hong : ^^ (L)
Pby : I got it at Bugis ^^ '
Keshwin : haha yea. (:

Friday, August 14, 2009

I came back home early because Gonna go out with mama later, Its a friday man.

Baby has gone to Thai for some problem, hope he really come back next week. ):
Take care there kay, the day in school without you is really weird. everyone asked me about you too, even the teachers. ):

Tomorrow will still have plan even baby is not with me, Its a saturday. ^^
Get pictures tomorrow and upload everything.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I didn't know so many of you are reading my blog, replying one by one through tags are just far too messy. So I am gonna delete everything there and here is my reply for all the losers out there.

First, Is there guy who act smart out there and making a fool out of him/her self.

Guest : dont you think youre pathetic ? youre losing friends , one by one . so treasure what you have now .
Reply : I am not losing my friends, Can stop pretending that you know me and my life so much and telling me how to live? Even me dont know what is happening and here you are assuming that you know everything, pathetic.

secondly, Is this pathetic person who don't know what I mean in my post.
Name? You wish. : Stop being such a bitch to Shien-Li and her friends, okay? You're just jealous she has better friends than you do. You're suppose to be happy for her because she has made a bunch of new friends. Not be angry and jealous. It's not like she will be a lonely person in her new school without any friends to hang out with. so, GET A LIFE and leave them alone, for everyone's sake.
Reply : I didn't even bother her after she transferred, because I know she will make new friends and I didn't stop her from doing that. But why she got to ignore? If she make new friend, can't she just like talk to us like we used to? Like well, at least like we talk to her she reply la, why must she walk away? But I am not blaming her at all because I know she got her own reason for doing that, So you please fuck off.

Then this one, keep on fucking here and there. Trying to act one big fuck who can speak good language. We OF COURSE WANT TO MEET HER IN PERSON, BUT SHE WANT ANOT? CB.
Johann : Maen, fix your god damn english. What on earth are you trying to say? you ****ing retard. if you have a ****ing problem with ShienLi then have the ****ing guts to TALK to her in person. You guys are ****ing pussies. She tried talking to guys but you guys nvr bother to listen. So stop being hypocritical. You say you care, what bull****. You guys can't accept the fact she made new friends because you ****ing imbecels are too engrossed with with living in your own little cirlce. Btw imbecels means stupid people like yourself. SO ACCEPT CHANGE MORONS. You guys are totally worthless. Clearly she can't trust you people cause you guys are backstabbing *****es. She is not at lost, you guys are. She doesn't need idiots likes you guys n her life. If you dont give a ****, then dont pretend like you do. Just leave her alone because she is sick of **** from you people. I as a friend of ShienLI too is sick with your nonsense. So **** OFF you dumb****!
Replying : You tried to write an essay in a tagboard, how smart. You fucking pussy dont know a thing. They tried to go find her = they got the guts to but she walked away. SO NOW WHAT? You kept on YOU GUYS YOU GUYS YOU GUYS, in my post its all my personal view for everything so don't include anyone in. Once again, We accept for the fact that she is making new friends like yeah its a very very normal thing, but its just that we don't find a need why she got to ignore us you understand mother fucker. After she transferred I didn't talk to her much, so I WAS NOT EVEN EXPECTING HER TO STUCK WITH ALL THE OLD FRIEND. I dont remember I got back stab her at all, seriously. I can go find her, but dont want to waste my time going all the way there and in the end she walk away you understand _|_. So far i only messaged her once so I dont think I am bothering her, dont bother to. If I dont care I wont be writing all this spending my time and spaces on my blog. Fuck off la.

All the things happened explained in all the tags which I replied. So sick and tired of all this, wondering why should I care in the first place. Be come like I am so desperate for her like that. _|_

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I am at baby's house, feeling so bored, ):
Took my test back today.
Suprisingly, I passed my science but I failed Maths, thought I should get better because I studied, But there was tons of careless mistakes.
Tags will reply soon.

And my dear shien li, I don't know what happened to you. Honestly I didn't know a thing if elaine never told me. At first I thought its just normal that we will drift apart after you transfer, But didn't expect things will end up this bad. I am totally speechless and don't fucking care about you anymore. I also left with ntohing more to say with those, FRIEND of yours.

Friday, August 7, 2009

I feel so tired after a long day. ):

Well, I went to school today! ^^ Our class won first in the second game but the first one we were not even the third. ): Don't know why.

Dismissed at ten went straight home, changed and went to ICA building. :) Lucky it was fast, went to Bugis met Jia Min, Baby, Chuan Shen and Tracy then. ^^
Walked rounds and rounds to look for shoes, in the end still bought the first one I saw. Haha stupid I know.
Then bought these ;

Went to Far east After that, Saw Yusnor and Maira. ^^
So just lepak around town, Did nothing at all.

Tomorrow will play pool as usual, Fire works on Sunday, Going out with Family on Monday. Feels good to be scheduled.

Tags replied :
Jm : Haha, ^^
Abby : haha, come out with me la. Go sentosa?
Passerbytwo! : (:
Jm : Haha, Idiot what. ^^
Natalie : ^^
Maen : ^^
Abby : Chill ^^
sds : fuck you.
Vivian : soon! ^^
unknownlifeform : Haha Thanks, Hi! ^^
Guest : eh, I cut it at just some random salon. ^^
Passerbytwo : Haha, acne problem. :)
Hi : Thanks very much for the compliment. :)
Passerbytwo! : which Michelle?



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